Illinois Gov. Tells Trump Admin to ‘Get Its S@#t Together’ After Airport Chaos

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker urged the Trump administration to “get its s@#t together” late Saturday after travelers passing through Chicago’s O’Hare airport suffered massive overcrowding a day after the new European travel ban took effect. “President Donald J. Trump Vice President Mike Pence since this is the only communication medium you pay attention to – you need to do something NOW,” Pritzker wrote on Twitter, calling the overcrowding and reported hours-long wait times “unacceptable.” Photos purportedly taken inside the airport by a traveler showed lines so long they extended up over escalators, and people packed so tightly together that many questioned what effect this would have on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. “This thought crossed my mind that him being in that crowd might increase the chance of contamination,” Elena Gabor, who said her son went through the airport, told WGN TV. 

Read it at WGN TV

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via The Daily Beast

March 15, 2020 at 08:57AM

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