After heated debate, Illinois House approves bill requiring gun license applicants to be fingerprinted

Looking to address the broken system that enabled the Aurora shooter to buy a gun and keep it — despite his criminal history — the Illinois House narrowly passed legislation Wednesday that requires residents to provide their fingerprints before obtaining a firearms permit.

The measure would also create a task force to enforce laws requiring those whose gun licenses have been revoked to surrender their firearms or place them with a legal owner.

The 62-52 vote followed about three hours of heated debate on the House floor, with strong opposition mainly from suburban and downstate Republicans.

The bill’s House endorsements comes after a Tribune investigation found that more than 34,000 Illinois residents had their Firearm Owners Identification cards rescinded during the past four years, but nearly 80% still could be armed because law-enforcement has not followed up on their revocations. State records indicate the revoked cardholders own have purchased as many as 30,000 guns from federal licensed dealers.


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via Breaking News – Chicago Tribune

May 29, 2019 at 04:03PM

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