Illinois legislator proposes full-day kindergarten

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.- Kindergartners in Illinois could soon have a longer school day.

Democrat Representative Mary Beth Canty (D-Arlington Heights) is sponsoring a bill to require schools in the state to have a full day of kindergarten. Currently, districts have the option to offer a half-day or a full-day.

Canty says a full day would help boost academic performance and social-emotional skills.

“Research from the National Education Association suggests that full-day kindergarten can produce long-term educational gains, especially for low-income, minority, and multi-lingual students,” Canty said.

The Illinois Principals Association does say there would be cost concerns for districts, if the mandate is approved.

“The bottom line is we don’t have a guarantee. And that is a really risky position for us to be in, to then say a year from now, regardless whether the money shows up, this is what you’re required to do,” says Alison Maley of the IPA.

Canty says she plans to address any cost concerns by phasing the mandate in over four years.

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March 6, 2023 at 12:38PM

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