The Ascent of Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson

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Four years ago, former Chicago Public Schools CEO, former city budget director, and former Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor Paul Vallas ran for Chicago Mayor, finishing ninth with around 5% of the vote.

Four years later, Vallas is advancing to the mayoral runoff and the leading vote getter.

With around 99% of precincts reporting last night, Vallas had around 34% of the vote, outpacing Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson by a difference of around 172,000 to 104,000 votes.

Vallas, 69, ran a race centered nearly solely around public safety as rising crime as seen as one of the main failures of incumbent Lori Lightfoot’s administration.

“I am running for Mayor to bring to this city the type of leadership the city needs,” Vallas told supporters last night. “Public safety is the fundamental right of every American. It is a civil right and it is the principal responsibility of government and we will have a safe Chicago.”

Vallas was backed by moderate Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, as well as many police and firefighters who live in the city, building the coalition to make him the largest vote getter Tuesday.

The candidate has been dogged in recent week by allegations he doesn’t live in city limits (his 2014 address as a candidate was in suburban Palos Heights but his current address is listed in a condo in Lincoln Park), calling himself a Republican in a 2009 interview, and questions about racist posts Vallas’ social media accounts appeared to endorse.

Vallas has raised around $5 million for his campaign so far.

The antithesis of Vallas’ moderate Democrat public safety focused campaign may be the race run by Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson.

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March 1, 2023 at 10:05PM

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