Pritzker endorses for some City Council races, is silent on others

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) – Gov. JB Pritzker is staying out the mayoral election but is endorsing some candidates for Chicago City Council.

Democrat Pritzker previously said he wouldn’t wade into the mayoral race and insisted that’s not a statement about incumbent Lori Lightfoot. The two have had political differences but have also worked together on several issues.

Pritzker endorses many incumbents, including some who are running unopposed, like Pat Dowell (3rd), Walter Burnett (27th) and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th). But there are no endorsements for other stalwarts like Scott Waguespack (32nd) and Brendan Reilly (42nd).

Pritzker, through his political campaign, is also endorsing candidates for some open seats — like Lamont Robinson for the 4th Ward seat being vacated by Sophia King and Bill Conway for indicted 34th Ward Alderwoman Carrie Austin’s seat.

The Pritzker campaign, in a news release, does not explain the governor’s silence on some city council races.

The endorsements:

–3rd Ward – Pat Dowell

–4th Ward – Lamont Robinson

–6th Ward – William E. Hall

–8th Ward – Michelle A. Harris

–9th Ward – Anthony A. Beale

–11th Ward – Nicole Lee

–16th Ward – Stephanie D. Coleman

–21st Ward – Ronnie L. Mosley

–22nd Ward – Michael D. Rodriguez

–24th Ward – Monique L. Scott

–27th Ward – Walter Burnett, Jr

–28th Ward – Jason C. Ervin

–29th Ward – Chris Taliaferro

–33rd Ward – Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez

–34th Ward – Bill Conway

–35th Ward – Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

–37th Ward – Emma M. Mitts

–39th Ward – Samantha Nugent

–44th Ward – Bennett R. Lawson

–46th Ward – Kim Walz

–49th Ward – Maria Hadden

–50th Ward – Debra Silverstein

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