Lakesia Collins the Superhero of the West Side

The great state of Illinois is broken up into many districts, however, district 9 is special because it has its very own superhero, Lakesia Collins. State Representative Lakesia Collins or Senator Patricia Van Pelt (5th district) are thought of as representing their communities.

However, unlike the senator, Lakesia Collins makes frequent appearances in her district. She can be seen at almost every major event, at every community gathering, and is seen at important local organizations. She fights for the people of Lawndale and she wants to make sure that everyone knows it. 

The Popular Servant

Her frequent appearances have built up a strong rapport with the people of Lawndale. In turn, this has made her quite a popular public official. In this age of political corruption and political polarization, having a politician that is actually a “civil servant” like all of them pretend to be is a miracle.

This miracle blesses the people of Lawndale in spectacular ways with things like grants, introducing life-changing grants, and more. Her private life is just as interesting as her public appearances, she is a mother of three, a lifelong Chicagoan, and an organizer. 

A Black Mom In Chicago

She has 3 boys and has raised them all in the city of Chicago. That can be an arduous task for many parents. There is a high crime rate, gun violence, food insecurity, and over-policing. All of these issues make living in Chicago a hard existence. This is just living by oneself. However, Lakesia Collins has three boys in the City of Chicago.

Every issue mentioned compounds the situation. Lakesia Collins genuinely knows how it feels to be down on your luck and only have to rely on oneself to make it out of the mud. She has been in the city her whole life, there is nothing she hasn’t experienced that the average Chicagoan has.

Lakesia Collins
Courtesy of Lakesia Collins

An Experienced organizer

Speaking of experience, Lakesia Collins has much experience speaking up for communities that can’t speak for themselves. Not only has she founded her own organization the future fighters, a labor-based organization for young workers, but according to her website, ”Lakesia has worked with organizations like Chicago Votes and has organized and led Get-Out-The-Vote efforts for candidates and on behalf of workers in the union. She also has lobbied for Fair Tax legislation and a $15 minimum wage.” 

A fighter For The Working Class

This epic background in labor organizing gives her a unique perspective on the major class issues going on in the city of Chicago. As any Chicagoan would know, the city is a tale of two cities. The city is split amongst both class and race lines.

Those lines intersect in a way that leads to marginalized identities living in poorer areas and communities. Additionally, the city split in half because its administrators only fund certain neighborhoods. As a result, the forces of gentrification work to push marginalized identities out of neighborhoods they have lived in for generations. Lakesia sees all of this and more.  

The Super Hero Of The West Side

Moreover, what separates Lakesia Collins from the rest of the phony politicians in Chicago communities is that when Lakesia Collins sees something going wrong in the community she tries her best to do something about it. Her track record even as a state rep has been very solid. She isn’t even a full state senator and she is making deep impacts within the community.

On top of all of this, she just started as a state rep. She hasn’t even been in the position for 5 years. Lakesia Collins started in her position in 2020, which wasn’t that long ago.

She began in mid-2020 and has stuck with the community ever since. Her will and passion for the community can be felt anytime she walks into a room. This isn’t just an ordinary West Side politician. Lakesia Collins is truly the superhero of the West Side 

Written by Kenneth Mazerat


Lakesia Collins: About Lakesia 

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CBS News: CBS 2 Investigation uncovering neglect and abuse allegations against foster parents leads to state lawmaker demanding change by BY DAVE SAVINI, CHRIS HACKER, ELLIOTT RAMOS, MICHELE YOUNGERMAN, PAIGE TORTORELLI

Images Courtesy of Lakesia Collins

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