WATCH NOW: Calumet City Mayor Thaddeus Jones talks about redevelopment, new housing and improving quality of life

It would feature townhomes on the perimeter of the area, bounded by Pulaski on the north, Wentworth on the west, 156th Place on the south and State Line on the east.

"The (houses) that are still remaining, we would take these houses and make sure that they would be part of the development," Jones said. "So if they wanted a new house we can add them to the mix and make them homeowners, because some of these houses are being rented."

Public works

The city’s aging public works facility at 1701 Dolton Road on the northwest side is bordered by residential neighborhoods on two sides, which Jones said needs to change.

He proposes moving the public works department to a new facility in an industrial area off Burnham Avenue on the north side of town.

"We can … get this valuable asset back and make it look better for the neighborhood," Jones said.

Among the possible new tenants for the site are a community center and a day care.

"We can make this area more resident-friendly just by taking this asset and changing it," Jones said.

"We have a lot of great industry, a lot of great people," he added. "We want to provide (for) them and start getting boots on the ground and start getting construction going this year.


May 23, 2021 at 10:19AM

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