Editorial: Is now finally the time for real ethics reform?


Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope, left, and former LIGs Julie Porter and Tom Homer testifying before the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform in 2020 at the Capitol in Springfield. Pope said the office should have more independence and shouldn’t have to get permission from lawmakers to perform her job.

Capitol News Illinois, Peter Hancock

As the spring legislative session winds toward a close in Springfield, we’re still waiting for long-delayed ethics reform legislation.

Illinoisans across the state have urged lawmakers and Gov. JB Pritzker to act on this, to enact new rules that will show they’re ready to change the political culture in this state.

They must see that now is the time, right? Finally.

Robust ethics reform is one of the foundations for turning this state around. It is  necessary for Illinoisans to have confidence their elected leaders are working in our interests, not their own.

That Illinoisans don’t trust their government has long been clear. Back in 2016, a Gallup poll said that just one in four Illinoisans had confidence in their state government, the worst showing in the nation.

We doubt things have gotten much better since then.

Lack of trust is an anchor. It clearly contributed to the defeat of the governor’s Fair Tax proposal last year, and it does damage in other ways, too. Here in the Quad-Cities, lack of confidence that the state will resolve a range of issues, including how it conducts the business of the people, has led some to give up and move across the river.

People have lots of reasons for moving (usually they are job related) but we also have heard the stories of people who just don’t want to be associated with the state and its reputation any longer.

via Dispatch Argus

May 23, 2021 at 06:32AM

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