Champaign County AFL-CIO Endorses Local Candidates

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The Champaign County AFL-CIO Central Labor Council is proud to endorse six local candidates in the April 6 General Election – those who have voiced strong support for union labor, protecting the rights of workers and higher standards for public contracts.

The AFL-CIO chapter represents more than 6,000 union members who live and work in Champaign County, including those in the construction trades, teachers, stagehands, printers, support staff, AFSCME and SEIU, among others. Candidates seeking an endorsement were invited to complete a detailed questionnaire about their history with labor and willingness to support union workers while in elected office.

“We’re proud to support those who have sufficiently demonstrated or pledged their support for labor,” said Matt Kelly, President of the Champaign County AFL-CIO. “We know these candidates stand with the working men and women in Champaign County and will use their positions to advocate for improved workplaces for everyone.”

  • Jarrett Clem, Parkland College Board of Trustees. “As Business Manager of IBEW Local 601, Jarrett’s commitment to labor is strong. The AFL-CIO is proud to endorse him for the Parkland College Board.”
  • Andy Quarnstrom, Champaign Township Supervisor. “As the incumbent Supervisor, Andy has repeatedly shown his support for union labor. He’s also been a strong advocate for unions as a member of the 1260 Firefighters Union.”
  • Davion Williams, Champaign City Council, District 1. “Davion is a young leader who believes in the mission of unions and creating career opportunities for others. He’s a strong supporter of community programs, including the Construction Trades Program at Parkland College.”
  • Matt Sullard, Champaign City Council, District 3. “Matt has repeatedly proven his commitment to supporting working families and local businesses, while using his position as a lawyer, volunteer and non-profit organizer to create opportunities for those who need it most. He has committed to being just as strong of a voice for organized labor.”
  • Greg Stock and Michael Foellmer, Champaign City Council, District 4. “It says a lot about the quality of these candidates that we are endorsing both. Greg is a longtime union member as a teacher at Champaign Unit 4 School District and we are proud to endorse a fellow union member. “As a former union member, Michael has spent many years as a strong labor advocate, including his years of work for the University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment, and his efforts for labor are greatly appreciated.”

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via Champaign Patch

March 23, 2021 at 02:56PM

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