Free jump start to college for underrepresented high schoolers by Heartland Community College

NORMAL (WEEK) — Heartland Community College partnered with Country Financial to allow underrepresented high schoolers get a jump start on their college career.

Heartland VP of enrollment, Sarah Diel- Hunt, said the Country Financial Scholars Program creates equitable opportunities for Bloomington-Normal high schoolers.

"What we were seeing was the students that were accessing those opportunities were the students who could afford to," said Diel-Hunt.

The opportunity is for 12 junior or seniors with an interest in STEM, business or agriculture. Diel-Hunt said the students can take up to 18 credit hours, potentially earning their associates degree in high school.

"They can really really hone in on where they believe they can be successful if we can take a just a few semesters, you know of their high school experience and build up their level of self efficacy. That’s life changing," said Director of Early College Opportunities at Heartland, Alauna McGee.

To qualify, McGee said applicants must show financial need and have grades in good standing. Books for the college courses will also be included.

"A bonus of the program is they get connected with a country mentor, as well. And so they have opportunities to really develop their knowledge about career opportunities do job shadowing engage in leadership development as well," said Diel-Hunt.

McGee said she hopes to see an explosion of applicants to show the need for this scholarship program in the community.

"The opportunity is there. We’re working hard to expand those opportunities, and you just never know what could happen for you," said McGee.

To apply by the due date of February 1st, visit the application page at Heartland Community College.

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January 27, 2021 at 09:29AM

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