CAPITOL RECAP: Whole state nears COVID-19 mitigations amid ‘tremendous wave’

Like the fall sports guidelines that the state first issued in May, the winter sports guidelines divide events into low, medium and high-risk categories.

They also provide for four different levels of activity, ranging from level 1, in which only no-contact practices and training are allowed, to level 4, in which tournaments are allowed, including out-of-conference and out-of-state play is allowed.

Basketball was originally classified as a medium-risk event in the fall guidelines, but the winter sports guidelines classify it as high risk due to close contact between players and the fact that it is played indoors. That means it is limited only to no-contact practices and training.

Other high-risk sports include football, lacrosse, martial arts, rugby and ultimate Frisbee.

Medium-risk sports — including fencing, flag football, paintball, soccer and volleyball —are allowed to take part in level 2 activities, such as intra-team scrimmages with parental consent for minors but no competitive play.

Lower-risk sports include competitive cheer and dance, as long as masking and social distance rules are enforced, as well as bowling, gymnastics, swimming, archery, track and field and weight lifting. Under the guidelines, people in those sports can take part in level 3 activities, which include games or meets within a conference or an Emergency Medical Services region or intra-league events. Level 3 also allows for state and league championship events for low-risk sports.


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November 1, 2020 at 08:47PM

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