Mayor Lightfoot, First Lady Amy Eshleman Don Costumes For Video On How To Have A Safe Halloween During COVID-19

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago First Lady Amy Eshleman are getting into the Halloween spirit – safely.

In a new video message posted Sunday on Twitter, the couple dressed up as “Rona Destroyers” – the mayor as bleach wipes and Eshleman as hand sanitizer – to demonstrate how to trick-or-treat in the age of COVID-19.

They reminded everyone to keep it to small groups of six people or fewer, to maintain social distance, not to reach into candy bowls, and not to eat candy until they get home and wash their hands.

Also, everyone needs to wear a face mask, the video noted, and that means “a real one, not a costume one.” And everyone in the home needs to know whether you’re participating in trick-or-treating or not.

Kids are also reminded to keep it moving. Chicago Department of Public Health Dr. Allison Arwady – also dressed as a superhero and wielding a large container of bleach wipes – suggested in the video that there will be more candy if you do so.

Also, haunted houses and house parties are not permitted.

The city has a full list of guidelines and safe celebrations at

Also From CBS Chicago:

via CBS Local

October 25, 2020 at 10:19PM

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