Social media incident at Vienna High School sparks upcoming demonstration

Stafford said the school had, in fact, addressed the issues, and once they were brought to light in the community, he took to social media to respond to questions regarding the social media group. In addition, he said, the school followed up on the incident with students “systematically” through a verbal review of policies outlined in their handbook and through continued education.

“We do address multiple issues, such as racism, throughout the school year in our curriculum (and) in the first days of school, we do reviews of (our) handbook verbally in our classrooms,” he said, and noted the high school recently reviewed institutional policies surrounding racism, among other issues, through an online video assembly.

Emily Harris, who has three biracial nephews under 10 years old who are students at Vienna Grade School, said she was made aware of the incident through posts on Facebook. Harris said she felt the school administrator’s actions weren’t enough, and then made a subsequent post calling for further action to be taken.

“You need to make sure you’re reinforcing that racism will not be tolerated and whether you know exactly who created the group, or not, then have this discussion with everybody — that there is no tolerance for this,” Harris said she wrote in her Facebook post. In response to her post, she said, Stafford replied and directed her to different sections of the school’s handbook, stating the school’s policies on not standing for racism.

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September 24, 2020 at 08:02PM

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