Lawmakers act on coal ash concerns

Lawmakers act on coal ash concerns

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Champaign lawmakers are leading the charge in the House of Representatives to prevent the spread of coal ash in the state.

A report from last year found 90% of coal ash impoundments are harboring one or more toxic pollutants. Senator Scott Bennett and Representative Carol Ammons believe they have the bill to fix it.

The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act would require polluters to pay for the clean up process. It would also provide the EPA with extra funding to help fix already polluted areas such as the Middle Fork River.

Vermilion County has been the epicenter for the coal ash crisis in the state. Ammons says she doesn’t want other areas of the state to suffer the same fate.

The bill passed the Senate earlier this month and is awaiting a vote in the House.

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May 21, 2019 at 07:56PM

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