Hundreds protest abortion bans, show support for Illinois reproductive rights bill at Federal Plaza rally

DePaul University freshman Sara Awaleh was in her dorm room last week when one of her friends attending school in Birmingham, Ala., texted a group chat, “Hey, check the news.”

Awaleh, 18, remembers the chat with her high school friends from Normal, Ill., rapidly became a whirlwind of anger and worry as they reacted to news that Alabama had signed a law making nearly all abortions felonies.

“I was pissed, to say the least,” Awaleh said. “I’m someone who has a uterus and I’m worried about Roe v. Wade. I don’t want my rights or my autonomy for my body infringed upon.”

So on Monday, Awaleh and her classmates joined hundreds of others at Federal Plaza downtown, where protesters carried pro-abortion rights signs and some dressed up as the women forced to bear children in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian book “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


News,Region: Chicago,City: Chicago

via News – Chicago Tribune

May 20, 2019 at 09:03PM

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