County Democratic Chairs organization elects suburban woman as new president

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Illinois Democratic County Chairs gathered in Springfield on Saturday to not only celebrate the 2018 Blue Wave gains, but also select a new President after Rock Island County Democratic Chair Doug announced his resignation on Wednesday.

“For nearly four years, the IDCCA has trusted me with leading the effort to grow our association’s relevance and impact within the Democratic party, said House. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done together. However, I’ve determined that the level of success we experienced on Election Day gives the IDCCA the opportunity to reinforce what works and recalibrate the focus on party building in new ways.”

In a letter distributed to association members, House explained his passion to build Democratic party strength remains strong, but he has sacrificed his family obligations throughout the process. “This time away from regular work and family, to which I owe a great deal of repayment for their patience and support, cannot be made up – nor can I extend it,” House said.

Mid-day on Saturday, November 10, Democratic County Chairs gathered to select House’s replacement. At the urging of the outgoing President, the association chose McHenry County Democratic Chair Kristina Zahorik. Zahorik becomes the first female to lead the longstanding Democratic Party group.

“It is an honor to be entrusted with the task of leading continued growth at the IDCCA,” said Zahorik. “I’m determined to make sure we continue to be an important part of the anatomy of the Democratic Party in Illinois. In places where we’ve grown muscle, such as suburban areas, we’ll need constant exercise. In regions where we still have electoral aches and pains, we’ll look for new and innovative therapies. I’m prepared to do this with an eye toward party unity and partnership.”

In addition to serving as the Democratic Party of McHenry County Chair, Zahorik is also an elected party official, serving as State Central Committeewoman for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, where Democrat Lauren Underwood was successfully propelled to Congress, eroding the longstanding Republican stronghold. As a former policy advisor with U.S. Senator Paul Simon, Zahorik has strong familiarity with every region of Illinois.

In the coming weeks, Zahorik plans on highlighting projects that the IDCCA aims to undertake in an effort to maintain and grow Democratic Party strength.

Keep an eye on House in the coming months as the Pritzker transition moves forward.

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via Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar

November 10, 2018 at 03:06PM

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