Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells reporters: ‘You’re getting played’ chasing President Trump’s tweets

Mayor Rahm Emanuel ripped the Trump administration Wednesday for taking what he said was a meaningless stand against Chicago’s proposed consent decree, and chastised the media for “acting like Pavlovian little mice chasing every time Donald Trump says something.”

Emanuel spoke to reporters a day after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Justice Department would file a statement of interest opposing Chicago’s proposed consent decree governing police tactics and training.

“First of all, you said ‘intervene’ (in the consent decree). They’re not,” he said. “They’re basically writing the equivalent of a small ‘a’ amicus brief. And you guys, even in the stories, acknowledge it only has symbolic value. We have real work to do. You guys got to stop acting like Pavlovian little mice chasing every time Donald Trump says something. It doesn’t have any value.”

A “statement of interest” is a mechanism the Justice Department has used to weigh in on legal cases, but such statements carry no inherent legal weight, according to lawyers familiar with those documents. They resemble amicus briefs, which lawyers file in an effort to sway a judge’s view, attorneys said.

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via Home – Chicago Tribune

October 10, 2018 at 04:24PM

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