Tinley Mental Center Land Could Go to Park District


With a decade in limbo and a tug-of-war between the Tinley Park village and park district, the 280-acre land holding the Tinley Mental Center campus and Howe Development Center, may finally go to the park district, thanks to a new piece of legislation advanced on Friday, May 26. House Bill 3743, backed by Sen. Mike Hasting (D-Frankfort) would designate the Tinley Park district as the owner of the 280-acre plot of land, located at 183rd St. and Harlem Ave. The granting of the land was added as an amendment in an upcoming bill declaring Alopecia Awareness Month for September.

The bill’s advancement could not only designate an official owner of the land, but also bring an end to the growing tension between the Tinley Park village board and the park district. Since the two entities of Tinley’s government began their back-and-forth outmaneuvering of one another to acquire the land, the fallout has caused more disagreement between both the village and park district. So much so that it’s become a point of criticism by the Tinley Park community.

Both village and park district had drawn detailed plans for how to repurpose the land, and both seemed to center on sports facilities and public outdoor venues.

The bill in its current form must return to the House before reaching the desk of Gov. Pritzker.

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May 25, 2023 at 05:20PM

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