Illinois lawmakers advancing bevy of bills which continue to garner attention

Several controversial pieces of legislation are advancing in the waning days of the spring legislative session.

Lawmakers have approved a bill that could make it easier to sue gun manufacturers and other firearms businesses for deceptive and dangerous marketing activities.

Supporters say companies sometimes target young people or encourage unlawful or violent activities in their marketing.

Lawmakers also advanced a bill to allow, but not require, businesses to provide multi-occupancy gender-neutral bathrooms, and sets up safety guidelines for those who do so.

Opponents say the bill could put women and children at risk. One state senator vowed to beat up any man who tried to enter a restroom with his daughter.

Region: Springfield,Local,City: Springfield,Region: Central

via Local – WMAY – 92.7 WMAY

May 19, 2023 at 04:34PM

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