St. Rep. Yednock sponsors bill ending state nuclear moratorium

St. Rep. Lance Yednock of Ottawa supports ending the law that prohibits any more nuclear power plants from being built in Illinois. He says the state has safely enjoyed the benefits of six existing nuclear power plants for decades, and as our energy needs continue to grow and evolve, so should methods of energy production. Senate Bill 76, introduced by St. Sen. Sue Rezin, would end the state’s moratorium on nuclear power and allow small nuclear reactors to be built. It would benefit parts of southern Illinois where coal-fired power plants are shutting down as the state tries to use more renewable energy. Yednock says as renewable energy grows, nuclear power can help Illinois improve its energy grid reliability with minimal to no greenhouse gas emissions.

Region: Northern,Feeds,News,Region: La Salle

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May 17, 2023 at 02:42PM

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