Aurora State Rep. sponsoring bill to make emergency contraceptives more available on college campuses

Aurora Democratic State Representative Barbara Hernandez is sponsoring a bill that would require colleges in Illinois to have at least one vending machine on campus where students can purchase emergency contraceptives.

Hernandez states that the idea is to provide access.

Hernandez emphasizes the importance of providing access to emergency contraceptives for various reasons and notes that they are generally more effective when taken sooner.

Senate Bill 1907 has been approved in both the Illinois House and Senate.

Hernandez discussed the bill with other Democratic lawmakers during a press conference on a package of reproductive health bills.

Another bill aims to prevent crisis pregnancy centers from using what proponents describe as “misleading” information to dissuade individuals from having an abortion. Additionally, there is a bill proposed to prohibit the use of license plate readers in Illinois to track women who travel from other states for an abortion.

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May 11, 2023 at 08:15AM

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