Illinois secretary of state pushing lawmakers on key issues – WBBM

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias said his office is moving several big issues in Springfield this legislative session.

Giannoulias has championed a bill that would make sure that information from automatic license plate readers in Illinois will not be used to trace people coming from out of state with the hopes of getting an abortion or other reproductive health services.

Lawmakers will consider a separate measure to deny state grants to any Illinois libraries that participate in the kinds of book bans that have occurred in other states.

“We’re the first state in the country, as the state’s chief librarian, to fight back on these dangerous book bans that are popping up across the country,” Giannoulias said.

That’s only part of a very busy week for the secretary of state.

There’s also legislation to end the state’s ban on air fresheners and other things hanging from motor vehicle rearview mirrors. Giannoulias said that’s just been a pretext for racial profiling traffic stops.

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