Illinois lawmakers grill state agency on lack of progress after last audit

(The Center Square) – The Illinois Legislative Audit Commission met with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services and the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority members to provide updates on expected changes.

The Criminal Justice Information Authority was asked about accounting issues, site visits, and other issues and what they are currently doing to fix the issues in the audit.

State Rep. Fred Crespo, D-Streamwood, asked what was occurring during these site visits, but representatives from ICJIA failed to give a clear answer.

“What’s the purpose of these site visits, number one and number two, I believe the response from the agency is that the agency feels this is an ambitious site visit policy,” Crespo asked. “Again, I am a little taken aback. This was a simple question that could not be answered.”

Executive Director Delrise Adams said they set up site visits for newer facilities, but staffing issues have held them back.

“Depending on the if its a new grant agency, we will do a site visit within the first year of the contract, but if its an agency that has had ICJIA funding over a period of time, then that agency is down the pipeline in terms of their site visits,” Adams said.

Darryl Williams, who is the Chief Financial Officer for ICJIA, did not attend the hearing due to a family vacation.

The commission also met with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to review the status of implementing changes suggested in their audits.

According to Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino, DHS has been asked to fix issues within its Medicaid system.

“At a minimum, the audit is to review the prompt furnacing of Medicaid long-term care services, the timely determination of eligibility, the accuracy and completeness of the monthly reports, the process for making eligibility determinations, and any issues related to the agency making eligibility determinations,” Mautino said.

Theresa Eagleson, director of the agency, says they have made significant progress in implementing changes.

“Since the time period covered by the audit, we have made significant improvement in processing applications for Medicaid long-term care services and eliminated the application backlog entirely,” Eagleson said.

DHS is the highest-funded state agency in Illinois.


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April 25, 2023 at 05:46PM

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