Chicago’s new mayor-elect Brandon Johnson meets with Gov JB Pritzker

CHICAGO (WLS) — Governor JB Pritzker shook hands with the incoming mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson Friday.

They said they share the same goals for the City of Chicago, as the mayor-elect met with the governor for their first meeting. The two met privately for about an hour.

“It’s great to have a real partner to not only rebuild our city, but make sure that individuals who wish to be small business owners and large corporations can actually have a city that works,” Johnson said.

But will the city work for businesses if Johnson enacts his $800-million tax plan, which includes a head tax on large corporations?

“The governor and I are committed to making investments in the communities that needs it. We did not have a full conversation about the entire budget plan,” Johnson said.

Governor Pritzker said they spoke about balancing the budget, not Johnson’s tax plan, but the governor made it clear he is against a tax hike that would drive businesses away.

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“I have not stood for a transaction tax because I think companies could move out of the state, but I do know the challenge of finding balance between expenditures and revenue is not lost on me,” Pritzker said.

City expenditures and revenue go through City Council’s Finance Committee. In a move to let aldermen decide chairmanships and members of committees rather than the mayor, City Council passed a resolution allowing Alderman Scott Waguespack to stay on as finance committee chair.

“I’ve spent the last four years trying to clean up that committee and there is a lot more to be done,” Ald. Waguespack said.

Waguespack stayed neutral during the election, so now some Johnson supporters are pushing for other aldermen who endorsed Johnson to chair the powerful committees.

While Johnson met with Mayor Lightfoot Thursday and the governor Friday, meetings with aldermen are likely to come later.

After a nonstop campaign and a very busy week, Johnson is planning on getting some rest this weekend and spend time with family before another busy week ahead.

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April 7, 2023 at 05:31PM

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