Progressives have big hopes for Chicago’s next mayor – WBBM

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — It was the progressive movement that helped elect Brandon Johnson – and one of Chicago’s most active progressive organizations is looking ahead to what they hope Johnson can do as mayor.

“Brandon can’t go into City Hall alone,” said Emma Tai, executive director of United Working Families, a progressive organization in Chicago.

“He has to be in constant conversation with the folks who’ve been a part of his space, of his ecosystem, his movement, for a very long time and he will be.”

The organization’s chair is Stacy Davis Gates, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union.

What’s first thing Tai would like Johnson to do as mayor?

“Reopen the mental health clinics that were closed under Rahm Emanuel.  There were six of them that were closed.”

She also said she wants to expand the pilot program that sends non-police personnel – mental health workers and social workers – to respond to mental health emergencies.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Paul Beaty/AP

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