Paul Vallas, Brandon Johnson campaign around city on election eve

CHICAGO (CBS) — Voters will decide Tuesday who will be Chicago’s mayor for the next four years.

With the finish line in sight, both candidates spent the day campaigning across the city Monday – delivering last-minute messages to undecided voters.

As CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported, Paul Vallas started his day in Roseland – greeting voters at Old Fashioned Donuts, 11248 S. Michigan Ave.

Vallas told reporters he is not paying attention to polls. He is staying laser-focused on his message – addressing public safety.

"Ultimately, my success as a mayor is going to be my ability to make the type of investments that are long overdue – sustainable investments that are long overdue – in communities that have been long underserved, and in many respects, disenfranchised – because that’s what it’s about," Vallas said. "That’s ultimately going to be my legacy as mayor – to get at the underlying causes of crime and violence and social dislocation – and that’s why I’m here."

Johnson also stayed on message for the final day of the campaign. He started Monday morning in Humboldt Park – meeting with the House of Hope Foundation, an organization dedicated to getting kids into the trades as a means of keeping them off the streets.

Asked about trailing in the polls, Johnson said he isn’t sweating it.

"I was polling at 2.3 percent. Why worry now?" Johnson said. "The work that I’ve done as a Cook County commissioner – investing in workforce development, investing in universal guaranteed income, investing in retiring medical debt, investing in affordable housing for our seniors – I’ve done all that as a commissioner, as an organizer, as a teacher. The city of Chicago wants a leader that can bring people together."

On Tuesday night, both candidates will be campaigning at Chicago Transit Authority rapid transit stations. Vallas will greet voters leaving the White Sox game at the Sox-35th Street Red Line stop, while Johnson will shake hands with commuters on the Blue Line.

Meanwhile, with severe weather in the forecast, the Chicago Board of Elections is encouraging people to get out and vote early. Most locations are open until 6 p.m. Monday, while the election supersites in the Loop are open until 7 p.m.

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