Vallas picking up endorsement, Bernie Sanders throwing rally in support of Johnson

CHICAGO (CBS) — We’re just five days away from Election Day in Chicago.

Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson are facing off for mayor in the runoff.

CBS 2’S Asal Rezai reported from City Hall as they pack their schedules in the final stretch.

As we inch closer to Election Day, Vallas and Johnson are keeping busy on the campaign trail.

Vallas will be announcing an endorsement from Latino faith leaders later this morning followed by lots of meet-and-greet events with Chicago baseball fans across the city because of Opening Day.

Johnson is making stops at several events and meet and greets. He’ll also be canvassing multiple wards.

We want to also mention Little Village Lawndale High School is planning a walkout Thursday afternoon. They say they’re planning to speak out against Vallas.

Lots of history there as Vallas was involved with the Board of Education in the late 90s.

Outside of the candidates’ schedules, we know that tonight Sen. Bernie Sanders will in Chicago to throw in his support for Brandon Johnson at a get-out-and-vote rally.

Early voting totals so far show almost 140,000 ballots have been cast already with just a few days left now before Chicago decides on a new mayor.

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