Illinois Legislature to Consider Affordable Housing Tax Credit

Writing in The Real Deal, Ilya Hourie describes a proposed Illinois state law designed to create more affordable housing in the state, which faces a shortage of around 300,000 affordable housing units for extremely low-income renters. As Hourie explains, “The proposed ‘Build Illinois Homes Tax Credit’ would cost the state $35 million annually for 10 years, which advocates believe would help create 3,500 housing units per year, Capitol News reported.”

A report from the Illinois Housing Council claims that “Illinois has lost 13 percent of its low-rent units since 2011.” According to Hourie, “If the proposal is passed into law, developers constructing properties would be eligible for tax breaks themselves once the structures are finished and filled with tenants,” delaying any impact on the state’s budget until 2026.

In addition to the tax credit, “Governor J.B. Pritzker also suggested an affordable housing program called ‘Home Illinois’ during his Feb. 15 budget address. The plan calls for a $50 million increase in homelessness services, such as emergency shelter, short-term rental assistance and the development of  permanent housing units, the outlet said.”

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March 28, 2023 at 04:38PM

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