Illinois bill would allow residents to carry digital driver’s license

CHICAGO — Illinois drivers may soon not have to carry their physical driver’s license with them on the road.

House Bill 1110, introduced by Illinois Rep. Kam Buckner (D-Chicago) on Jan. 12, would give Illinois residents the option to carry a digital driver’s license.

"Pull up their phone and have all their information right there," Rep. Buckner said. "(I) embraced this idea that Illinois can come once again to the 21st century and our ability to use technological tools at our disposable to make things easier."

Rep. Buckner says at least a dozen states have already tested or launched the digital versions of driver’s licenses.

If passed, an individual would not be issued a citation for driving without a physical driver’s license if they present a digitized driver’s license.

Recently elected Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias also has expressed support for the idea of a mobile driver’s license and having it act as a companion to the physical one.

"(The) goal is to modernize the Secretary of State’s office in a manner that allows for an infusion of new technology to better serve customers," Sec. Giannoulias stated.

The Secretary of State’s office says the digital driver’s license won’t be a screenshot or digital copy, but a "mobile (driver’s licenses) are secure because they are encrypted and rely on state-of-the-art technology to protect the owner from fraud and identity theft."

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March 17, 2023 at 06:05PM

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