Illinois House passes declawing ban

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — Illinois is one step closer to banning people from declawing their cats.

The Humane Society is working with Rep. Barbara Hernandez (D-Aurora) to get the plan to Gov. JB Pritzker’s desk this session.

Hernandez told her colleagues in the House Thursday afternoon that declawing a cat is very cruel to the animal. She explained declawing is similar to amputating a human.

Although, House Republicans said many veterinarians oppose the plan because there are rare cases where older owners have medical issues and can’t have cats with claws. Rep. Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) noted that some senior citizens could catch infections if they are scratched by a cat.

"I actually know a person who was scratched by their cat and for a month and a half had to fight to keep their hand," Meier said. "In some cases, this is very necessary. And there are pain medicines that these cats are given if this has to be done."

Hernandez and other Democrats disagreed with Meier’s argument. Rep. Kelly Cassidy said there is no law stating people have a right to a cat or any other pet. 

"Imagine the idea that you’re willing to remove body parts in order to have a cat in your life," Cassidy said. "I’m stunned at the prior speaker’s assertions."

Cassidy personally works with Friends of Animal Care and Control in Chicago. She frequently helps with cat rescues and fosters cats to make sure they can have a safe life. Cassidy and Hernandez stressed that declawing is inhumane.

"There’s a lot of cats that are declawed for no good reason either because they don’t want to maintain their claws, because they don’t want to have furniture damaged," Hernandez said. "And then they send this cat outside defenseless." 

House Bill 1533 passed out of the House on a 67-38 vote. However, Rep. Carol Ammons (D-Urbana) voted present on the legislation.

The proposal now heads to the Senate for further consideration. 

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March 16, 2023 at 09:59PM

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