Pandemic-era Medicaid continuous renewal set to end

During the pandemic, Medicaid recipients in Illinois did not have to renew their coverage, but that’s about to change. Healthcare and Family Services Director Theresa Eagleson says, “Historically, almost half the people who lose Medicaid coverage did not respond to their renewal notice.”  That’s why the state is launching Ready to Renew, an awareness campaign, in the hopes that Medicaid customers who remain eligible make sure their coverage continues without disruption.

Medicaid customers have not been asked to renew their Medicaid coverage since March 2020. When continuous enrollment ends, the state must resume annual Medicaid eligibility verifications, also known as redeterminations.

The first Medicaid renewal notices will begin to arrive in early May for people whose renewal is due by June 1. Renewals for all Medicaid customers will be requested on a rolling basis over a full year. Customers who do not respond or are no longer eligible will lose their Medicaid coverage a month after their due date.   More information is available at


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March 15, 2023 at 07:12PM

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