Pritzker announces personnel transitions at Illinois Commerce Commission

CHICAGO (WAND) – Governor JB Pritzker announced that Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman Carrie Zalewski is stepping down from her position in June.

As the commission continues implementation of the Climate and Equitable Job Act and prepares for cases later this year, Pritzker also announced plans to nominate former ICC Chair Doug Scott to replace Zalewski.

Governor Pritzker also announced the appointment of Conrad Reddick and Stacey Paradis to the five-person board.

“Chairman Zalewski served the State of Illinois diligently during a period of challenging unprecedented circumstances and clean energy transition, and her stalwart leadership was essential to the successes of that period,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “I’m so grateful for her years of service and the long-lasting impact her work will have on building a more equitable and sustainable Illinois for generations to come.”

Zalewski was named to a five-year term as Chair of the ICC in April of 2019. 

“Leading the Illinois Commerce Commission has been the honor of my lifetime,” said ICC Chairman Carrie Zalewski. “My term included setting into motion the implementation of one of the nation’s most comprehensive clean energy laws, COVID relief for utility customers, and several other new challenges for the agency. Through it all, the Commission continued its day-to-day mission of ensuring Illinoisians access to safe, affordable, and reliable water, gas, and electric services. I cannot thank Governor Pritzker enough for granting me this opportunity and his unwavering support. I have no doubt the agency will continue strong under my successor.”

Former ICC Chairman Doug Scott will be nominated by Governor Pritzker in June to replace Zalewski. Scott, who previously served as chairman from 2011 to 2015, also previously served as the Director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. He is currently Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Great Plains Institute, a clean energy nonprofit.

“I am very honored by the trust that Governor Pritzker has shown in me by this appointment. The Commission has a tremendous responsibility to the people of Illinois, and I take that very seriously,” said Doug Scott. “I am excited to work with my fellow Commissioners and the tremendous staff at the Commission as we work to make energy available and affordable for all citizens and pay special attention to those for whom energy costs are particularly burdensome. Chair Zalewski has done an excellent job, and I hope to continue her fine work, as we handle the work of the Commission in the face of the changing energy economy.”  

Pritzker is also nominating Stacey Paradis and Conrad Reddick to serve on the commission. Paradis currently serves as the Executive Director of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Reddick is an attorney who previously represented the Illinois Industrial Energy Consumers and served as Special Assistant Corporation Counsel to the City of Chicago.

The ICC regulates the state’s public utility systems, oversees railroad safety, insurance and registration towing, and household goods moving companies. 

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March 10, 2023 at 08:37AM

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