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Hoffman bill would aid carbon capture



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SPRINGFIELD – Emphasizing the potential to create jobs while reducing carbon output to the atmosphere, state Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Swansea, passed a measure out of a House committee Tuesday that would create a clearer regulatory framework to establish the underground storage of carbon dioxide in Illinois – better known as carbon capture and sequestration.
“If we want to properly implement carbon capture strategies in Illinois, we need to address regulatory gaps,” Hoffman said. “I’m encouraged by studies that indicate this can be a viable industry here in Illinois – creating new jobs while reducing our carbon output as we pursue a more environmentally-friendly future.” 
A recent study by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Prairie Research Center notes that carbon capture, utilization and sequestration “could play a critical role in combating climate change and decarbonizing the global economy” and deploying it at a larger scale in Illinois will require robust governance to ensure these systems are delivering desired societal outcomes and have broad and deep public support.
Hoffman’s House Bill 2202 reflects on the report’s suggestion of robust governance, clarifying that pore space underlying a property is owned by the surface property owners. “Pore space” describes subsurface cavities or voids that can be used for storage space of carbon dioxide. Illinois is noted for its geological potential to handle carbon capture and sequestration, particularly in sandstone that lies beneath much of the state.
House Bill 2202 also further develops drilling regulations, injection permit procedures and application processes with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
“While we have seen carbon capture and sequestration implemented on a limited basis here in Illinois already, this is a developing technology that is going to have increasing importance in the years ahead,” Hoffman said. “It’s critical that we lay the groundwork in setting up a regulatory framework now so that we can develop this growing industry responsibly.”
Hoffman’s measure passed the Energy & Environment Committee and now heads to the House floor for consideration.
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