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BARRY, Ill. (WGEM) – Barry’s downtown area may be seeing less retail and more housing in coming years.

City administrator Jeff Hogge said the former owner of the building that used to house the now discontinued “The Paper” newspaper on 729 Bainbridge, sold it to a developer after two years of vacancy.

Hogge said the developer plans to add four apartment units on the upper level.

Hogge said the city decided to allow for it due to a housing shortage the area faces.

“We used to not allow any first floor residential and we’ve expanded it out because, you know, we want to do something and we’ve got to do something about these buildings,” Hogge said.

Hogge said another developer is putting apartments on 768 Bainbridge with 2 units done and already housing tenants.

Hogge said more housing and less retail could be the future for downtown Barry.

“That downtown business model, you know, your shops and stuff like that, just doesn’t work anymore for small towns,” Hogge said. “Unless you’re providing some sort of a service like a restaurant, bank, or insurance company.”

Hogge said as of now there is no timeline to completion on the 729 Bainbridge building.

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