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Illinois House Progressive Caucus Larger, More Influential in 2023 Legislative Session (Springfield, IL) — As the 2023 Illinois legislative session gets into full swing in February, Illinois House progressives have new strength in numbers that they hope to turn into real results for working families.

The Illinois House Progressive Caucus enters this session with new leadership members: Caucus Co-Chairs are House Majority Whip Will Guzzardi, Conference Chair Theresa Mah, and Rep. Anna Moeller. New Reps. Lilian Jimenez (Secretary) and Mary Beth Canty (Treasurer) join the Caucus to round out the leadership team.

Nearly two dozen members of the Illinois House are now part of the Progressive Caucus, marking its largest membership to date. Membership includes House Majority Leader Robyn Gabel and seven other members of the House Democratic Majority leadership team.

The growth should help position the Illinois House Progressive Caucus to build its influence on Illinois public policy after a number of important wins over the past several years. Those include several years of balanced state budgets with reduced debt; key achievements for working families such as a higher minimum wage, criminal justice and police reform, equity and inclusion initiatives for minority businesses, the Workers’ Rights Amendment and paid leave; historic protections for women’s reproductive rights and the LGBTQ community; and continued critical investments in education, health care, social services, and workforce development.

The Progressive Caucus is currently working through its policy priorities as legislative proposals are introduced this spring for consideration. Among the issues members expect to advocate for are affordable housing, affordable healthcare, and continued work on policy rights for working families.

Caucus leaders say as Gov. Pritzker presents his new vision for 2023 in his State of the State and proposed state budget speech this week in Springfield, they have high expectations for the Caucus to continue to position Illinois as a progressive leader nationally.

“We have weathered brutal political attacks on working families and progressive policies. We move Illinois forward each year toward equity, inclusive treatment for all and fiscal strategy that protects the most vulnerable,” said Rep. Will Guzzardi. “We will work with our partners in the Senate and the Governor’s office to fully embrace the idea that government of the people, by the people, and for the people is government that works for all.”

“Our Democratic supermajorities in the House and Senate and Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s second term are proof that progressive policies have helped make life better for so many in Illinois,” said Rep Theresa Mah. “I am hopeful that our increased numbers will help build on a number of successes that will continue to empower those whose voices have been ignored for too long.”

“Illinoisans have better schools, better health care, stronger workplace protections, and a brighter future today because of the work of the Illinois House Progressive Caucus,” said Rep. Anna Moeller. “Our work must continue this year to defend our gains and stand up for our communities and the people who have nowhere else to turn, and I am confident our strengthened Caucus will again have a successful session.”

Illinois House Progressive Caucus Larger, More Influential in 2023 Legislative Session

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February 13, 2023 at 10:51PM

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