Illinois state senators announce bipartisan Senate committees

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Two committees in the Illinois General Assembly will have bipartisan co-chairs.

In the Illinois Senate, Democrats hold 40 seats while Republicans hold 19. This means every committee has a majority of Democrats and all chairs are Democrats.

Both caucuses announced Thursday in a news release that the Senate State Government Committee and the Senate Higher Education Committee will have Republican co-chairs.

Joining the Senate Higher Education Committee with Sen. Michael Halpin (D-Rock Island) is Sen. Dale Fowler (R- Harrisburg). Sen. Sally Turner (R-Beason) will also be the co-chair of the Senate State Government Committee along with Sen. Patrick Joyce (D-Kankakee).

Illinois Senate President Don Harmon said he’s glad Illinois Senate Republican Leader John Curran reached out with this idea.

"At one point in our not-so-distant history this was a common practice in the Senate," Harmon said. "I think we both hope that it will foster bipartisan cooperation on how we can best meet the needs of people all across our great state.”

Curran said he appreciates Harmon’s effort for bipartisanship.

"This is a real step toward a more bipartisan working relationship in the process of crafting and passing public policy," Curran said. "Having members from both parties at the helm of these committees will encourage greater collaboration and dialogue, and lead to better outcomes for the people of Illinois.


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February 9, 2023 at 05:23PM

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