Jiménez to Prioritize Affordable Housing and Bringing Aid to Low-Income Families


CHICAGO – State Rep. Lilian Jiménez, D-Chicago, was named the vice chair of the Housing Committee, where she will create policies that ensure housing is affordable and accessible to communities all across our state. As part of her efforts, Jiménez will focus on curbing regressive property taxes and preserving existing affordable housing.

“Housing is a human right. Our work in the next House session is critical, and needs to focus on creating a more equitable Illinois where families are not forced out of their homes by the rising costs of housing, utility increases and food costs. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure the needs of our communities are met by aligning our policies with fairness,” Jiménez said.

Jiménez will also be a member of other crucial committees: Restorative Justice, Labor & Commerce, Insurance and Healthcare Availability & Accessibility.

As a member of the Insurance and Labor & Commerce committees, Jiménez will hold large corporations and organizations accountable, ensuring the rights of working families are front and center in policy-making. She will also serve as a member of the Appropriations: General Services and Public Utilities committees, working closely with her fellow colleagues to ensure essential services are affordable.

“My work and advocacy with working class families has shown me that we cannot leave anyone behind in our fight for a better Illinois,” Jiménez said. “ We as Illinoisans face many challenges when it comes to rising costs, a balanced quality of life and affordability. It’s imperative that the policies we set in place be a direct representation of the needs of our communities. I will fight for the type of bold legislation that will create a stable future for people from every corner and background of our state.” 


Rep. Lilian JimenezRep. Rep. Lilian Jimenez

4th District

Springfield Office:
Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-xxxx

District Office:

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February 1, 2023 at 10:17PM

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