Rep. Yednock “It appears SMH did not follow the law”


PERU – Illinois State Representative Lance Yednock is among many of the area legislators looking into the announced temporary closure of St. Margaret’s hospital in Peru, but he thinks they may have not followed the law. Tim Muntz, President & CEO has said they hope to qualify for a Rural Emergency Healthcare designation to keep some operations going at the facility, formerly known as IVCH. In a statement given to Studstill Media, Representative Yednock said that in his opinion from researching the statute, it appears SMH did not follow the law, potentially leading to fines from the IDPH if they close this week. He is looking to find support from the IDPH, the Governor, and even state wide associations like the Illinois Hospital Association to keep the hospital open for the community. Yednock stressed his disappointment that they weren’t informed about this situation months ago.

Yednock speculated that by shutting down the Peru facility, SMP Health would have forced the state to grant them a Rural Emergency Health designation. He said they only formally applied for the closure on January 25th.

Region: Northern,Feeds,News,Region: La Salle

via WBZG

January 27, 2023 at 06:18AM

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