Gov. Pritzker announces that Deputy Gov. Christian Mitchell is stepping down in March

* The former state Representative has been with the administration from the beginning. Back in a minute with an update.

…Adding… Rough transcript of the governor’s remarks…

The progress that we’re here to celebrate today is progress that’s being replicated all around the state in East St. Louis, in Springfield, and Peoria, in Chicago, in Waukegan and elsewhere, Rebuild Illinois has rebuilt nearly 5000 miles of road and hundreds of bridges, cleared congestion and made communities safer and commutes safer, all while creating thousands of jobs and opening doors for a more diverse array of Illinoisans to build skills in this field through programs like Illinois works it’s the largest infrastructure investment in state history. And so much of it is still to come.

For a public servant, that alone could be the policy achievement of a lifetime. It would not have been possible without the leadership of a person that I have leaned on and relied upon, since day one of my administration, whose work on a bipartisan basis leaves a legacy that we all should admire.

Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell was my administration’s lead negotiator for the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. He dedicated every day and night for months on end to making sure that Illinois took nation-leading climate action with equity and workforce development at its heart. And when we announced this accomplishment, he asked me not to praise him. But instead, each and every one of his team members who slogged through pages of text, crunched every number and pursued every innovation possible to get it done. He wanted to ensure that their dedicated service behind the scenes got the credit that it deserved.

That spirit, that spirit of teamwork, of camaraderie of a fierce pursuit of progress, and justice and safety is evident in every policy initiative that he’s been a part of. From providing prompt relief for Illinoisans impacted by tornadoes and floods to ensuring that Illinois was a leader in gun safety. It’s evident even when the task at hand is unlike any ever seen before in government, like finding PPE anywhere in the world during the shortages in the spring of 2020, so that we could keep Illinois and safe from the virus. And of course, in negotiating and implementing our Rebuild Illinois capital plan, which we’re all here talking about, and Illinois Works as a fundamental part of it.

At every turn, Christian Mitchell has delivered. In my first inaugural address, I read a Franciscan prayer shared by Sister Barbara Centner of Mercy Hospital at a vigil for people who had passed away as a result of a terrible attack that occurred there. And I have pledged that my administration would do everything in our power to make a positive difference that would lift up the people of our state. Over the last five years, Christian Mitchell has proven himself a fierce believer in that creed over and over again. Integrity, loyalty, and passion have been the hallmarks of his time in state government. Of course, the greatest hallmark of public service is that if you do the job, right, we can provide support and relief and upward trajectory for the families and people that we serve that far outlasts our tenure in office.

In March, Christian will step down from his role as deputy governor and we will miss him immensely. Christian, thank you. Thank you for your dedication, for your hard work. You’ve been a tremendous friend and ally and have been committed to really doing the best that you could for the people of Illinois at every turn. I thank you for the leadership that you’ve shown. Illinois is stronger because of you.

…Adding… Press release excerpt…

Deputy Governor Mitchell played a pivotal role in negotiating landmark legislation during Governor Pritzker’s first term. He led efforts to pass the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) in 2021. Mitchell also oversaw the development and implementation of the Rebuild Illinois capital plan, a $45 billion plan that reimagines and revamps Illinois infrastructure, mass transit, public universities, and more. Mitchell was also point person for Governor Pritzker on the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act of 2019, advocating for policies that addressed historic criminal justice inequity and disinvestment through the legalization of cannabis. Mitchell was also lead strategist for the Governor’s office on the assault weapons ban, criminal justice reform, and vote-by-mail expansion, and led the state’s procurement of a personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile during the COVID-19 pandemic. He oversaw a broad swath of state agencies during his tenure, including the Department of Transportation, Department of Corrections, State Police, Emergency Management, National Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Capital Development Board, and Cannabis Regulation Oversight Office.

Mitchell has held consulting and advising roles throughout Chicago, Illinois, and national Democratic campaigns and offices. A Chicago native, he holds a Bachelor’s in public policy from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from Loyola University Chicago.


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January 27, 2023 at 11:23AM

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