Pritzker says he’s ‘sorry’ Ken Griffin left Chicago

Defending Chicago against recent business departures, Pritzker came out swinging at Griffin, saying, “We had one business that left— Citadel—because, frankly, (Griffin) lost a political election, trying to unseat me, and, you know, wanting to get out and made his excuse that we have high crime.”

After not-so-subtle jabs at failed attempts to defeat him by Griffin and Richard Uihlein, Pritzker actually expressed a bit of regret over Griffin’s departure, adding, “I’ve talked to Ken Griffin. I’ve known him for a number of years. We still have a major Citadel headquarters in Chicago and quite a number of people still working there. They haven’t moved jobs and we’re glad to have them in Illinois. But I’m sorry he left.”

As to Kempczinski’s comments, Pritzker said, “I’ve sat down with him to talk to him about that. I think his comments are not inappropriate—to talk about the safety and security, public safety of people in the city of Chicago and what that means for business. And we’re doing actually quite a lot to address that, both in crime prevention dollars applied so that we’re intervening on the street, literally providing jobs for young people, and then, of course, you know, we just passed the assault weapons ban in the state of Illinois and that’s going to help.”

The rest of clip primarily focused on crime, including a mention of Pritzker’s no-cash-bail bill.

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January 18, 2023 at 07:03PM

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