Politicians across state react after Gov. Pritzker signs Illinois assault weapon ban into law


CHICAGO (WLS) — People across the state are reacting after Gov. JB Pritzker signed a bill into law banning the sale of assault weapons in Illinois Tuesday.

It’s a victory for some, but there are others who will fight it.

With the governor’s signature, the law takes effect immediately.

It bans the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, along with rapid-fire devices.

Pritzker said the law will save countless lives.

Other supporters said the law is overdue and will start to reverse decades of escalating gun violence.

But opponents of the law said it unfairly penalizes many of the 2.4 million legal gun owners in Illinois.

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“It’s a huge overreach; it really chokes people’s second amendment rights,” said Richard Pearson, Illinois State Rifle Association executive director.

The group said they will plan to fight in court.

The law will ban the sale, delivery and purchase of dozens of assault-style weapons, any firearms currently owned must be registered with state police.

Long gun magazines are capped at 10 rounds, and, for handguns, 15 rounds.

The mayor of Highland Park released a statement, saying in part, “Banning assault weapons has proven to be effective at curbing gun violence. … This important step taken by our Illinois legislators sends a clear message to other states and the federal government that we need continued bold action to address mass shootings across our nation.”

Republicans said this law will make law-abiding taxpayers and gun owners felons, and they plan to defy it.

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January 11, 2023 at 05:26AM

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