The Safe-T Act no cash bail controversy to come as soon as next year

The Safe-T Act passage has made Illinois the first state to abolish cash bail. This act applies to the criminal judicial system and crime victim support. The act covers three areas of criminal justice support -pretrial, policing, and correctional facilities.

It has been a politicized issue for the state in the November elections, pinning crime enforcement against those who believe a change is in order for criminals who can’t afford bail.

The Safe-T act implements several reforms to the police and sheriffs department, which they believe will make crime worse. We spoke with Sheriff Chris Otey in Wayne County about his opinions on the act that will go into effect January 1.

“I do not understand why the legislature would push for something like this right now with crime in Illinois, especially violent crime on the rise. It also is going to be a large issue with getting people to actually show up for court,” says Otey.

The Democrats who voted for this, believe the new law will be more equitable to those who cannot afford bail. This act also limits who can be arrested and held in jail based on the crimes they have committed. 

So far over 60 different sheriff counties in Illinois have taken this issue to court with a lawsuit against a no cash bail system.

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December 30, 2022 at 11:06AM

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