New State Laws Will Change Some Rules Of The Road. Here’s What You Need To Know

CHICAGO — A slew of new driving-related laws will go into effect at the start of the new year.

A full list of new state laws can be found here.

Here’s what drivers should know:

Community Service For Reckless Drivers Near Schools

One of the new laws, SB03793, will crack down on drivers who don’t take safety precautions near schools.

Community service will be required for drivers who fail to stop for a school bus picking up or letting out students. There could also be a community service penalty for drivers caught going more than 20 mph in a school zone.

Victimized Drivers Off-The-Hook For Costs After Carjacking

Chicago and its suburbs have seen a big bump in carjackings in recent years, and a new law aims to ease the burden on victims.

HB3772 will stop victims from being liable for violations, impounding fees, fines and penalties incurred after a car is stolen or hijacked.

To get reimbursed, car owners or lessees must show proof a police report was filed about the carjacking in a timely fashion.

Towing and storage fees can be paid back at a max of $1,000.

You Can Get A Disabled Driver Placard Through A Physical Therapist

SB03216 allows a licensed physical therapist to verify if a driver has disabilities, allowing them to get a placard.

Teen Driver Training In Line With National Standards

Drivers younger than 18 will have to pass courses based on the national Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards.

This replaces standards created by the Illinois State Board of Education and Secretary of State’s Office.

Students will have to pass the national program — which includes classroom and behind-the-wheel hours — to get a license.

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December 28, 2022 at 09:24AM

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