Bustos: $66 million in projects funded in 17th District in omnibus spending bill


EAST MOLINE, Ill. – Outgoing 17th District Rep. Cheri Bustos says her last vote in Congress was for the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.

Bustos, in a recent virtual news conference, says that included more than $66 million for projects throughout the district.

“These are wins that will invest in all sorts of wonderful projects, from public health, workforce development, rural communities, our locks and dams (along the Mississippi River), early childhood education, the local economy, and so much more,” said Bustos (D-East Moline).

In the immediate area, Bustos says that includes $8 million for a research project involving Bradley University, $3 million in sidewalk upgrades for the 61605 zip code in Peoria, $350,000 for roof replacement at the East Bluff Community Center, and several projects in Fulton County, among other things.

Amanda Smith of Lewistown went to Bustos’ office one day to express concern about the quality of the city’s water supply.

“Many of our…lines and our pipes are really nearing 150 years old,” said Smith. “with an average…service life of 50 years, we have well exceeded that.”

Lewistown will get $600,000 for repairs needed on its system.

You might still call them “earmarks” — but in Congressional speak, they’re now called Local Community Projects.

And Bustos says her district has received its fair share of them over the last few years, and she’s proud of that.

Bustos says she’s proud of that.

“I have successfully delivered on every community project funding request that I’ve ever submitted through the course of the program’s lifetime,” said Bustos.  “It just started last year.  Just last year, I was the number one Democrat in the entire House to bring back funding.”

In the two years, Bustos says she’s brought back to her district more than $120 million.


  • $2 million for Peoria sidewalk upgrades: Bustos secured $2 million in Community Project Funding to add sidewalks along residential and commercial streets in Peoria’s 61605 ZIP code, one of the most distressed communities in America.
  • $600,000 for the Lewistown Municipal Water Supply: To address water system concerns, including ground tank water storage and plumbing, Bustos secured $600,000 for the Lewistown Municipal Water Supply. Lewistown has an aging water system, with water mains and sewer line pipes nearing 150 years old – well exceeding the average service life of 50 years. Addressing the needs of this water system will reduce contamination and prevent disease.
  • $500,000 for downtown building demolitions in Astoria: To acquire and demolish adjoining buildings that are rapidly deteriorating in the center of Astoria’s downtown business district, Bustos delivered $500,000 in Community Project Funding.
  • $350,000 for community center improvements in East Bluff: Bustos secured $350,000 in Community Project Funding for roof replacement, parking lot resurfacing and window replacement at the East Bluff Community Center.
  • Support for Bradley University Research: $8 million for the Virtual, Augmented and Mixed (VAM) Reality Readiness program, a key partnership between Bradley University and University of Dayton to provide research and development on virtual reality for the Air Force.

(From a Rep. Cheri Bustos news release)

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December 26, 2022 at 12:53PM

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