Nearly 4% of Illinois Income and Property Rebates Have Yet to Be Received, State Says

While most Illinoisans have received their income and property tax rebates, some are still waiting for their checks to come in the mail.

Rebates continue to roll out, with less than 4% of qualified taxpayers awaiting their arrival, according to an update from officials on Wednesday. So far, the state said checks totaling $1.042 billion have been issued to over 5.1 million Illinoisans.

Under the state’s Family Relief plan, payments for qualified individuals and households began distribution Sept. 12. The Illinois Department of Revenue said taxpayers who filed tax form IL-1040 should begin receiving payments at that time.

If you have additional questions, here’s what you need to know, including how many much money you might receive, whether applications are still being accepted and how to check your payment status.

How Much Money Could You Get?

Income tax

The income tax rebate calls for a single person to receive $50, while those who file taxes jointly are poised to receive a total of $100, Illinois Comptroller Susanna Mendoza’s office previously said in a news release. Residents with dependents will receive a rebate of up to $300 — $100 per dependent, with a maximum of three.

Income limits of $200,000 per individual taxpayer, or $400,000 for joint filers, will be attached to the checks, according to officials. To qualify, you must have been an Illinois resident in 2021 and meet the income criteria. Those who filled out the 2021 IL-1040 tax form will receive their rebates automatically.

Property tax

On top of the income tax rebates, some homeowners may receive more assistance.

Qualified property owners will receive a rebate equal to the property tax credit claimed on their 2021 IL-1040 form, with a maximum payment of up to $300. To be eligible, you must have paid Illinois property taxes in 2021 on your primary residence and your adjust gross income must be $500,000 or less if filing jointly. If filing alone, your income must be $250,000 or less.

Rebates will be distributed in the method that your original income tax refund was sent, according to the state of Illinois website. If you did not receive a refund, did not file an Illinois income tax return, or are requesting the property tax rebate separately, then your rebate will be sent by paper check.

As is the situation with the income tax rebates, property owners who completed the IL-1040 form will receive rebates automatically.

Can I Still Apply?

Applications are no longer being accepted. People who weren’t certain about eligibility were able to file the necessary forms up until the Oct. 17 deadline.

How Do I Check on the Status of My Rebates?

For additional information or to check on the status of a rebate, visit Those needing can also call 1-800 732-8866 or 217-782-3336.

When Might You Get Your Money?

State officials previously said the payments could take at least eight weeks in total to distribute.

If you didn’t receive a refund or if you were given a paper check refund, it may take longer for the rebate to be issued, according to state officials.

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