Who’s in the wrong? A deeper look into Willie Wilson, Ja’Mal Green … – The TRiiBE


It’s been almost two weeks since an audio recording leaked that featured a phone conversation between businessman Willie Wilson’s political consultant, Rickey Hendon, and a volunteer for community activist Ja’Mal Green’s campaign. During that conversation, Hendon allegedly bribed the volunteer, Kevin Hobby, to drop Green’s petition challenge against Wilson in the 2023 Chicago mayoral election.

This also comes just as objection filings kicked off last week, which is a standard process in which one candidate objects to the signatures of another candidate. Over the next few weeks, the Chicago Board of Elections commissioners will review all the signatures that have been opposed and decide if those signatures (or challenges) are valid. 

On Dec. 5, Wilson and Green filed petition challenges against one another; a victory by either would narrow the 11-candidate field for the mayor’s race. Wilson also filed a separate challenge against another mayoral candidate: 6th Ward Ald. Roderick Sawyer. Other candidates seek to knock off long-shot candidates Frederick Collins and Johnny Logalbo.

Chicago-based What’s the Word TV was the first media outlet to publish the full recording of the leaked audio on its Instagram page on Dec. 8. The outlet has since removed the video. However, Chicago-based blog Chicago Media Takeout’s also posted the video on its Instagram page

On Dec. 8, in response to an inquiry from The TRiiBE, Wilson’s campaign spokesperson, Richard Boykin, confirmed that it was Hendon’s voice on the recording. 

There were various opinions in the Chicago Media Takeout’s comment section ranging from: “Politics as usual in the Chi,” to no betta game anywhere than Chicago politics! Hollywood needs to stop,” and “It’s politics. What else is new” or  “This is why we have to support @jaymalgreen our future depends on it, these old-school politicians are outrageous.” 

Veteran political and media consultant Delmarie Cobb told The TRiiBE that the leaked audio recording is a bad look for both campaigns. 

Although she added that what Hendon is accused of is unethical, the situation, she said, shows that Wilson’s campaign will “stoop to any level to win” and “that it makes his [Wilson’s] campaign look desperate,” but added that it demonstrates that Green “can’t be trusted.” 

“It’s just a matter of who people think did the most wrong,” Cobb said. “So, what side is public perception going to fall down on? Is it going to fall on the side of ‘You can’t be trusted? Or you’ll do anything to win.’” 


via “Illinois Politics” – Google News https://ift.tt/35ieXTz

December 20, 2022 at 05:32PM

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