COPA Publishes Video Showing Mayor Lightfoot’s Security Detail Exchange Gunfire During Attempted Robbery Last Month

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The civilian oversight agency tasked with investigating police misconduct has published videos showing a shootout between a member of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s security detail and armed robbers in Logan Square last month.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Thursday released surveillance videos from the Nov. 1 incident, which occurred during an alleged robbery in progress in the 1800 block of North Monticello Avenue.

According to COPA, officers were working at a police facility around 7 a.m. when they heard a person outside yelling for help. The videos, which do not include any audio, show a vehicle pull up alongside another car, which was parked, but running on the street.

Video published by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability showing the shooting:

Three people then exit the vehicle in the middle of the street and surround the parked car. One of those people, who appears to be pointing a firearm, opens the passenger side door of the parked car before going to the driver’s side door and pulling a man outside.

In the video, the man holding the firearm can then be seen pointing it at the victim, as another suspect appears to go through the victim’s pockets. The victim appears to raise his hand as if calling for help, and the suspects run back toward their vehicle, as one of the men exchanges gunfire with a responding officer.

According to COPA, one of the suspects fired at the officer, who then returned fire. As the vehicle pulls away, someone from inside the vehicle continues firing at two officers outside, who returned fire, COPA said.

There were no reports of anyone being shot, but the Chicago Police Department said one officer was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries.

CPD spokesperson Thomas Ahern later confirmed that the officers involved in the shooting were members of the mayor’s security detail.

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December 15, 2022 at 05:13PM

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