Cheri Bustos says goodbye during final House floor speech

WASHINGTON (WTVO) — Congresswoman Cheri Bustos has represented Illinois’ 17th District for the past 10 years, but she decided to not run for re-election this past November.

She said goodbye on Tuesday, speaking on the House floor for the final time. Bustos reflected on her goals and said thank you to her staff, family and the people of Illinois’ 17th District.

"I’d like to say thanks," Bustos said. "Thanks to those who taught me what it means to lead."

She reflected on her decade of service during the speech.

"Ten years ago, when I was first elected, I jotted down a list of goals that I hoped I would accomplish while serving the 17th Congressional District of Illinois," she said.

Bustos found that list while cleaning her office. The goals included serving the people of Central, Northern and Northwest Illinois, securing funding for local projects and listening to the people she served in order to focus on solutions.

"Listening to the stories of the people I serve has helped guide my work in Congress, but no one succeeds alone," Bustos said. "Everything I have accomplished has been with the help and support of others."

She expressed gratitude to her team, saying that the most important part of her team is family.

"Our families don’t sign up for the long hours and missed birthdays, but I have had their support every step of the way," Bustos said.

Bustos also thanked her husband, her staff, friends and colleagues in Washington and the people she represented.

"Finally, I want to thank the people of the 17th Congressional District of Illinois," she said. "I am humbled that, for a decade, you put your faith in me. Thank you. I have been honored to be your voice here in Washington."

Bustos took office in 2013 and served for five terms. The 17th District will now be represented by Democrat Eric Sorensen.

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December 13, 2022 at 09:26PM

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