Illinois Democrats enjoy supermajority in Springfield but could still fail: Hinz – Crain’s Chicago Business

Two precepts lead Page 1 in my Book of How Politics Really Works: 1) Never trust a politician, any politician, when they talk about their future electoral plans, because they all lie, and 2) Give any politician or group of politicians enough rope and, be they Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, they’ll eventually tie it around their neck and jump.

I kept the first in mind in watching who filed for mayor a few days ago. I’m glad I did, because more than one contender told me one thing and then ended up doing another. As for the validity of the second, look no further than the collapse of Donald Trump and the Republican Party that sold him its soul. After Georgia, unless there is a quick parting of the ways—a realization that, for instance, telling your base not to vote by mail is the message of a loser—the national GOP will join the Illinois GOP in superminority status.

Ino Saves New

via rk2’s favorite articles on Inoreader

December 11, 2022 at 07:29PM

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