Sports Dome In Park District Plan For Tinley Mental Health Center Site

TINLEY PARK, IL — The Tinley Park-Park District today released details Wednesday of its proposed plan for the site of the former Tinley Park Mental Health Center and Howe Development Center. The park district envisions transforming the long-vacant property into a hub of athletic fields, track and field facilities, a domed sports complex and open recreational space to meet the needs of the Tinley Park community and expand opportunities for neighboring communities, it said in a release.

The Park District has formally bid on the property located at 7400-7600 W. 183rd St. and detailed its proposal for recreational space at the site, which begins with 90 acres in the first phase of development and includes playground and sports facilities for people living with special needs.

Under the plan, the site would house multipurpose athletic fields, a domed sports complex with a full-size soccer field, a stadium with a track, a playground and splash pad, concession stands, spectator stands, lighting, ample parking, as well as a pond, picnic areas and open green space.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to lay out our vision for this property that has sat vacant for far too long and can serve as an exciting community hub for all ages to enjoy,” said Shawn Roby, executive director of the Tinley Park-Park District. “Our plan for sports and recreational use of this property was designed with the residents of Tinley Park in mind, through conversations in the community, that will allow Tinley Park to continue to grow and remain a great place to live and raise a family.”

The proposed site will sit adjacent to the Park District’s Freedom Park and serve as a draw for Tinley Park residents as well as its neighboring communities, many of which have few options for recreational activities in their towns. This potential interest from surrounding villages would serve as a revenue generator for the Park District, similar to previous developments. The proposal also notes the potential for remediation at the site and a combination of grant funding, private funding, and its partnership with the Village of Tinley Park to secure the property.

Mayor Mike Glotz last month said the Village was surprised to learn of the park district’s interest in bidding on the property as a sole entity. The park district’s attorney responded at the time that “Being a park district, they’re always looking for open space and property to put recreational facilities on.”

Glotz continued that the park district’s plans to pursue the property independently seemed counterintuitive to their previous efforts to work together to develop the property.

Park District Executive Director Shawn Roby in a statement Wednesday said they hope to continue working together with Glotz and the Village.

“Over the last few years, the Park District has had many conversations with the Village about our vision for the property,” Roby said. “We hope to continue those conversations with the Village as this process moves forward.”

“I’m very excited about the recreational opportunities this plan will provide for Tinley Park residents and so many others in our region,” said Marie Ryan, president of the Tinley Park-Park District board.


via Tinley Park Patch

December 7, 2022 at 10:47AM

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